Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Beautiful Quilt For A Beautiful Lady….

Today I want to tell you a story about two lovely ladies.  The lady in red is Pam, a long-time member of our quilt ministry, and the lady on the left is her mom, Dovie.  Unfortunately, Dovie was diagnosed with cancer last October, and went home to be with God  last week.  During her illness she lived with Pam and her family.  Even through this stressful time, Pam remained strong - but we could see that it was so hard on her.  When it became clear that Dovie wasn't going to be with us much longer, we decided that we needed to make a comfort quilt for Pam.

I love the sun shining through a flimsy!

Having seen the Good Night Irene pattern all over the internet, we realized that this would be a great collaboration quilt.  Raiding our supply of 2" pieces, each member made a 16-patch block.  

Assembling the quilt was a bit challenging since everyone's block was slightly different in size, but it all worked out.  That was my job.  Then Debbie, our other long-arm quilter, did the quilting - beautifully!

Look at that fabulous texture!

We gave Pam her quilt this past Wednesday night, during our regular weekly meeting.  She was so touched to know that everyone had made a part of the quilt!  Hopefully when she's missing her mom, she can wrap up in this quilt and feel not only God's love, but her mom's too..




  1. Another very touching story filled with the love you all share.

  2. A beautiful quilt to go along with a beautiful story...I am sure she will find much love and peace when wrapped in this wonderful quilt...the work you do through this ministry is amazing and I am sure appreciated by all those who receive such a blessing.

  3. I know that the quilt is giving Pam much needed comfort, especially since she knows the love that went into it from her friends.