Friday, January 24, 2014

When God Speaks, We Should Listen!

Hi, all!

Today I want to tell you a little story about how God lets us know what He wants us to do - even if we don't listen the first time!

Early this week we received request for a quilt for a woman who had surgery, but ended up on life support.  She is the young mom of two small girls, aged four and nine, and her husband is trying to cope with his wife's medical situation and everything else that day-to-day life with young children entails.  

When I read the email, the thought crossed my mind that those two little girls could really use a quilt, too.  But we were swamped with requests, so I shelved the idea and thought I'd come back to it after we got caught up.

So I drove up to church to pick up a pile of tops that were ready to be quilted. We keep a stack of them at the ready for when we have requests, and since I had about six requests at the time, I grabbed a big pile without looking and tucked them in my bag.

When I got back home, I reached in the bag for a quilt to load on the frame.  The first one that came to my hand was this pretty little pink quilt - 50"x 50", the perfect size for a little girl.  But because I was looking for adult quilts, I reached in the bag again...

and this quilt came out!  Another pink 50" x 50" top!  Well, sometimes you have to hit me over the head with a baseball bat to get something through my head, but not this time.  I realized that God wanted those two little girls to have quilts to snuggle in while their mom wasn't there to snuggle them - that they needed the comfort that the quilts would provide.  So on the frame they went!  

The quilt at the top of this post is the quilt that went to the girls' mom, along with the two pink quilts for the little girls. Hopefully their mom will be home soon, but in the meantime they can wrap up in the love and prayers of all the folks in our quilt ministry, who prayed over these quilts for the comfort of those two little girls and their mom.

Isn't God amazing?



PS For the record, these two quilt tops were pieced by Betty, a member of our quilt ministry.  She also made beautiful pieced backs for the quilts, which deserve to be shown…

… and the quilt at the top of the post was pieced and quilted by Debbie H., from fabric her daughter donated to the quilt ministry.


  1. They are all gorgeous ! even the backs ; the colors are awesome . Thanks for the story ; will be praying for the family :)

  2. What a special story. All three quilts are beautiful. They will bring much comfort. I really like the basket block quilt. Do you know what the name of the pattern is? Sending prayers to the family.

  3. Another lovely story and I hope the outcome is a good one - many blessings and prayers for this young family.

  4. God is good all the time. I love having lots of quilt tops ready when the need comes up. Bless you for listening when God speaks.

  5. I love hearing stories like that! Awesome! Beautiful!

  6. Oh, Sarah, you made me cry. Isn't it funny how we often get so busy doing things FOR God that we don't stop to listen TO Him. I'm trying to do better, too. Those quilts are all so bright and colorful and cheerful, I'm sure they are a constant source of comfort. God bless you all!

  7. They are beautiful. Do you machine quilt them. You have an amazing group. God is looking down on you all with lots of love I am sure.

  8. You ladies sure are "in tune" with the Lord. Love the three. You all did a great job.

  9. God does have to hit us over the head a few times. At least you figured it out quickly. Great tops for those girls. God knows better than we ever will.

  10. Beautiful quilts, I love the basket quilt. Do you accept quilt top donations? I have a few "homeless" quilt tops & blocks for that matter I would be willing to send. Thank you for serving our Savior! :)

  11. Oh my heart goes out to that family and I know that your quilts will help comfort them in the coming days.

  12. Glad I found the new blog! I've always thought how cool it was ... and your story today is a perfect example ... that when God wants us to do something, He perfectly provides everything we need to do! Beautiful quilts! :)